Advantage of PVC Double Glazed windows

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The major advantages of PVC windows are relatively obvious, however there are some that may surprise you.

Virtually Maintenance Free - Because of the nature of PVC a simple cloth and water will bring the finish back to it original shine. Virtually but you will need to lubricate them twice a year.

No Painting or staining - As with wooden windows there is no need to sand down repaint or varnish your windows every few years. The finish on a foiled woodgrain product will stay that colour for years.

No Rotting - As you are probably aware wooden frames will rot over time even with layer of paint or stain

No Corroding - Aluminum, Steel and crital frames will corrode over time leaving very ugly looking windows

Fire Proof - PVC is fire resistant so unlike wooden frames will resist the spread of fire.

Seals - PVC double glaze windows have modern gaskets that give superior weather and air tightness

Impact Resistant - PVC will take a reasonable amount of knocks before look aged

Insulation - With the individual chamber designs of PVC windows they give superior insulation.

Reinforcement - Also because of the hollow chamber designs it allows steel of aluminum to be added for structural support when the windows need to be load bearing.

Environmentally friendly - This may seem a bit counterintuitive but the new release of the “Green Guide” give PVC double glaze windows a better rating the Wood or Aluminum.  This is due to what is know as the “cradle to grave” effect the looks at the lifecycle of a product. PVC lasts longer, doesn’t require chemical to paint or stain them and easily can be recycled at the end of their life unlike wooden windows that have to be land filled due to the chemicals used on them.  

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