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Now the soaring prices, aluminum door and window curtain wall industry faces very serious and complex situation, but industry insiders have said that current in China is still in an important period of strategic opportunities, keep the bridge of aluminum windows and doors, plastic steel doors ,  for aluminum alloy doors and windows in the development of, have many favorable conditions and positive factors.

One, the ability of government regulation and control and the level in the practice of continuous improvement, the pragmatic economic policy in line with public opinion.

Two, abundant human resources, improve the quality of labor, the basic principle of science and education, the basic principle of in-depth industry, technological progress accelerated, industrial competitiveness, enterprises have a global awareness of participation.

Three, the comprehensive national strength, to deal with various risks and crisis has laid a solid economic foundation.

Four, the domestic demand is huge, there is a broad space for expanding domestic demand, especially in the next few years, China will increase the government industry investment in the railway, aviation, transportation and construction.

Five, the trend of economic globalization and technological revolution has not changed, the international environment is still a great opportunity, especially China in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa region of great potential for development.

Strip type insulating aluminum alloy bridge technology on aluminum alloy doors and windows, wear the first application used in Europe and in the 1970s began in energy-saving aluminum alloy doors and windows, over the next few years energy-saving heat preservation curtain wall windows universal. Now it has been widely used in energy-saving aluminum alloy doors and windows and curtain wall construction. The main material of heat insulation is PA material, nylon 66 and 25%% glass fiber. Also some enterprises according to the need to increase the use of glass fiber materials. But in Europe, PVC plastic, PT engineering plastic products are not used as an aluminum alloy heat insulation.

A few years ago the national comprehensive start building energy saving policy, aluminum alloy energy saving doors and windows has increased dramatically, the imported heat insulation products in short supply, some domestic enterprises began to develop domestic heat insulation products. According to incomplete statistics, at present the annual demand of aluminum alloy heat insulation is about 11 ~13 million meters, the implementation of building energy saving policy for aluminum alloy doors and windows insulation market demand is huge.

Experts said that the rapid implementation of building energy efficiency requirements has brought about some of the energy market is not balanced. Some energy-saving aluminum alloy doors and windows products appear the quality problem, the use of heat insulation aluminum alloy material of the heat insulation product quality is a problem, some aluminum doors and windows even use PVC plastic products. Use of aluminum doors and windows, which do not meet the national standard of insulation products manufactured, the structure of doors and windows has been significantly relaxed. If you use a large lattice, hollow glass aluminum windows and doors, sash drop is very obvious, and even affect the doors and windows and the normal use of the function. If the use of PVC products, doors and windows for a long time in high temperature or low temperature condition, heat insulation material will become brittle, soft, for building exterior window is a very dangerous thing.

SAINT-FECO responsible person believes that to focus on the promotion of energy-saving doors and windows curtain wall technology, so that energy-saving products in the national key demonstration projects and major projects in priority to promote the use of. In addition, the use of high-grade aluminum doors and windows and aluminum alloy doors,but also improve the priority among priorities of aluminum door and window curtain wall

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