Broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows equipment group of main structure Angle machine

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Insulation broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows machine in terms of classification, and mainly are cutting class doors and Windows machinery, set of Angle class machine, milling machine and stamping machines. Each has its unique characteristics, the mechanical structure of Angle as one indispensable part, has its unique charm. 


First of all, I give you a brief introduction of group Angle machine. Set Angle machine, also known as the Angle of extruding machine, Angle machine, it is a high grade broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and Windows production of special machinery, suitable for structural aluminum doors and Windows 90 degrees Angle code connection. According to different number can set Angle at the same time, the Angle of group Angle machine is divided into single head hydraulic machine, double-headed hydraulic group Angle machine, CNC Angle machine three out of four broad categories. Among them, the main use in the market now is still single head hydraulic group Angle, because the price is materially beneficial, work efficiency is also good, so have been clients of the doors and Windows processing. This time, I also with heat insulation broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and window machine single-head hydraulic group Angle machine as an example to introduce its structure characteristics. 


Second, the group of main structure Angle machine. Main components: the machine by the body, workbench, positioning cylinder, auxiliary locator, riveting machine, Angle cylinder, group Angle of slide foot switch, electronic control plate, and other major parts. Pneumatic systems by the electromagnetic valve, pressure gauge, oil mist, water separator, etc. Hydraulic system consists of hydraulic pump, solenoid valve, high pressure rubber hose, hydraulic pressure relay, etc. Working principle: by the Angle of oil cylinder push group Angle skateboards, group Angle slide forward movement, push around blunt riveting axis at the same time, by the impact on the shaft of riveting set Angle dao implementation of aluminum doors and Windows 90 degree Angle connection. Structure features: this machine is on the basis of absorbing foreign similar product advantage and development of new models. The machine adopts gas, electricity, liquid and operation control, and the adoption of new mechanical linkage structure, eliminates the oil pressure fluctuation on the quality of the group Angle, Angle of the group fully synchronous, group Angle depth more consistent, more precise set of Angle of 90 degrees Angle. Synchronous feeding mechanism, makes the machine adjustment is simple, the synchronous rigid feedind of feed, avoid the useless deformation in the process of group Angle, make the corner connection firmer. 


In addition, the before and after the positioning device can be adjusted, distance before and after the adjustable positioning device is suitable for processing different cross section shape and size of the profile. In a nutshell, insulation broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows equipment group of powerful Angle machine, is indispensable. Familiar with the structure characteristics of group Angle machine, hope to be able to help after all the doors and Windows processing production.

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