Cause analysis of leakage of aluminum windows 1

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Analysis of leakage causes the existence:


aluminum doors and windows structure design or profile selection of defects

(1) small section size, the material is too thin, the node with the plane stitching seams, large gap. In order to reduce the cost of some of the so-called, is the lack of a broken bridge aluminum thickness 1mm or with inferior charge; two is not set by the stitching frame interpolation method, the aluminum doors and windows appear poor rigidity, large deformation and sealing performance seriously reduce the phenomenon, some are obviously shaking out in the open, the frame and the wall cracks due to sloshing, so not only easy to cause leakage, but also affect the use function;


(2) the design documents are not complete or without structural design, causing the lock point or lack of aluminum doors and windows material structure strength and deflection is not up to the requirements, wind resistance performance is not up to the requirements made the aluminum doors and windows force rod, hardware fittings, seals and adhesive materials in normal wind loads produced by severe plastic deformation, crack or damage, causing the window body seal failure caused rain Water leakage. The reason is that the product failed to do the strength calculation and design, and no physical performance test of the wind pressure before production and installation.


The window was made by aluminum window machine would more easier to antiseep.


(3) the broken bridge aluminum window waterproof structure design is not reasonable, lack of consideration on the windward side, rain erosion surface leakage and seepage, excessively highlight the need for lighting and ventilation, "windows, windows, window" wall of windows and doors appeared in large numbers, and not pay attention to the building structure form of water proofing, the water leakage problem is more and more outstanding waterproof level is not enough, the drainage channel broken bridge aluminum doors and windows structure cavity has not formed. When the rain in the indoor and outdoor wind pressure difference under easily enter the cavity and the aluminum doors and windows into the room, and enter the aluminum doors and windows inside the rain, but not through the aluminum doors and windows drainage system smoothly discharged outside and within the water and stay in doors and windows have leakage phenomenon.


(4) the use of a simple form of the profile, resulting in the profile is not supporting or assembly of loose or cross section


(5) the appearance of excessive focus on line decoration, resulting in doors and windows, joints, corner too much and guide


The seam defect caused by plugging.

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