How to choose the high quality aluminum alloy doors and Windows

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Whether it is aluminum alloy door or aluminum alloy windows, decoration owners in the purchase of such products must note the following points:


look at the price


In general, the quality Aluminum Alloy price is 30% higher than that of inferior Aluminum Alloy windows and doors, doors and windows of inferior Aluminum Alloy usually adopts aluminum extrusion aluminum recycling contains a lot of impurities, with some aluminum wall thickness 0.6-0.8 mm, either from tensile strength or yield degree are significantly lower than the relevant provisions of the state this kind of Aluminum Alloy, doors and windows, especially Aluminum Alloy outdoor window is not safe, so the owners in the purchase of products do not a cheap but ignores the personal safety of yourself and others.


other aspects


The strength, which is mainly reflected in the profile Aluminum Alloy window material, whether it can withstand high pressure.


Air tightness, mainly reflected in the window structure, doors and windows of the inner fan and frame structure is tight, Aluminum Alloy outdoor window is close windtight.


Water tightness, the main assessment of aluminum alloy doors and windows are there water, leakage phenomenon.


Sound insulation, the main effect of the insulating glass, as well as other special sound insulation sealing force, heat insulation, nylon guide wheel durability, opening and closing the durability of other doors and windows accessories.


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