PVC plastic doors and windows industry will show their skills in the field of building energy conservation (2)

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Precision plastic doors and windows processing and processing of high frame size, fan lap design, when assembled, all seams are fitted with sealant or seal strip. Glass mosaic in the frame and the sash combined into the grooves on both sides with elastic rubber seal. The sash buckle in a sliding window frame rail, sash and frame by top seal. The sliding window, also through the two top seal. Between the casement window frame and the window sash is through the rubber seal. In addition, the installation of plastic door and window, in between the wall and the frame by the flexible support, were sealed with styrofoam. At the same time, open the pressure balance hole and drainage hole in the window frame and the window sash corresponding parts are, further increases the air tightness of windows.


Experiments prove that, as long as the production and installation of plastic doors and windows in strict accordance with the specification, the air tightness performance of plastic doors and windows can reach the relevant energy saving standards. Even the sliding window is the general performance of the sealing performance can meet the "standard" energy-saving design of residential building in hot summer and warm winter area and "hot summer and cold winter region residential building energy efficiency design standards" requirements.


The radiant heat of the sun has a great influence on the building energy consumption. In the summer, the solar radiation increases the cooling load, and the solar radiation in winter reduces the heating load. Therefore, different regions, different seasons, energy saving building on the doors and windows and its surrounding shading products of different.


Plastic doors and windows of a wide variety of materials, the composition of its supporting materials can be flexible choice. For different needs, can be matched with different glass and all kinds of shading products, so as to meet the requirements of energy saving building on the shading coefficient.


At present, there are many kinds of domestic and international shading products, there are external sun shade, the sun hung the curtain and the hollow glass with a hundred pages. Plastic doors and windows can be built with a hundred pages of the perfect matching glass, color coordination. Supporting a hundred pages of plastic windows and doors, can be adjusted to achieve the effect of indoor natural light or complete shade.


In addition, in the raw material production energy consumption, the energy consumption per unit weight of PVC is 1/5, is 1/8. In recycling, the recycling of plastic profiles is much lower than that of aluminum alloy and other metal materials. The plastic profile of old material after crushing, adding new material to be extruded into the production pipeline and other auxiliary, or extruded products; and Aluminum Alloy metal products such as recycling, after high temperature melting, and then adjust the composition, casting processing and other processes to produce product. Thus, plastic doors and windows in the field of energy saving building obvious advantages.

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