PVC plastic doors and Windows performance advantages, step1

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The wind pressure strength, good impact resistance. Wind strength is mainly refers to the window in the wind and rain under pressure, the window frame in terms of the ability of resistance to bending deformation. Under strong wind blowing, along with the building structure elevation projection area, will be produced by the wind speed of wind pressure, it increases with the increase of building height. Stress value of wind speed on the window, can according to the window of force per unit area, the unit for the Pa (PASCAL, Pa = 1 n/m2). When evaluating the wind pressure strength of PVC window machine general humanly scaled mouth size as stipulated in the technical standards of the state, which is 1500 mm * 1500 mm for the standard humanly scaled mouth when the window the wind pressure deformation, bending deformation of the main bearing bar (deflection) shall not exceed 1/300 when wind pressure value, is the largest of the Windows are wind pressure value. 

Good weather resistance, long service life. Modified UPVC adopts special formula, raw materials by adding light, heat stabilizers, ultraviolet absorbent and low-temperature impact resistance modifier, make plastic doors and Windows have better weather resistance, aging resistance and uv radiation damage, the performance of long-term use of dramatic change in climate environment, between 30 ~ 50 ℃, withstand sun, rain, snow, descent of dry, wet and metamorphism, embrittlement, performance. Domestic and foreign research data show that the aging process of rigid PVC is a very slow process, and the aging degradation is conducted in a thin layer. 

Good thermal insulating properties, and save energy. Thermal properties and application of energy saving make PVC plastic window shows incomparable superiority. Usually one has a cold, heat air conditioning modern building, the interior of the energy loss spreads through the door and window parts leakage accounted for about 37% ~ 40%. To maintain the indoor cooling, heating to choose low thermal conductivity of the doors and Windows, to avoid transmission loss, and to achieve the effect of energy saving. Materials and glass and the frame of door window material is one of the important factors affecting thermal conductivity, because in the frame of door window material, glass material and cross section structure of layers and the spacing and the window frame, window type design than the comprehensive heat preservation effect.

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