Which reason makes window industry develop difficult

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Poor quality of the impact of consumer experience

Network virtual property, gave birth to a large number of "line" of the brand, these brand windows and doors in the terminal sales situation can not be opened, so another way to develop network market, by virtue of the page design and low product price quickly win over a large number of network consumer heart, thus becoming the online sales. But, how to be a high quality product? For window, it must be made by a window machine.


But behind the net sales performance all the quality of their products, but did not get promoted. In contrast, a number of doors and windows for the company also for the net sales of  products, with poor quality materials to produce low cost, low price products to meet the needs of consumers, resulting in poor quality and doors and windows run rampant network. Even some small brands of counterfeit big brand products sales, causing consumer dissatisfaction and complaints.

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