A way to make a great Window , step 3

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Assembly. The section according to the construction drawing requirements through a connecting piece connected with the screw assembly. Aluminum windows of the assembly method has 45 degree angle, right angle butt and vertical butt three. If the connection rod, generally adopts special fittings or aluminum angle, then screw, bolt or aluminum screws fixation. Aluminum windows of the assembly quality, should be in accordance with the following provisions: the windows of the surface should not have obvious damage.


Every window local scratch, scratch, should not exceed the provisions of table 1. There should be no obvious difference in the color of adjacent components on the windows and doors. The surface should have no scrap aluminum doors and windows, burr, grease or other stains. An adhesive not to spill over the assembly connection. The size deviation of the window frame, should meet the specification in table 2. The door and window frame, fan adjacent component assembly gap and the same level difference, should meet the specification in table. But, the best way to make it ,is use the machine-window machine.

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