PVC Window Production process, part 2

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Heat stabilizer selection of different countries and regions to use a greater difference between the kinds of thermal stabilizers. The composition of the thermal stabilizer is characterized by organic tin stabilizer production is higher, low proportion of lead salt stabilizer. Development direction of thermal stabilizer is lead-free, no cadmium.


The amount of lead salt heat stabilizers on the high side,Japanaccounted for more than 50%, mainly for the production of cable materials, PVC pipes, profiles, etc. Ba - zinc salt consumption takes the second place, followed by the Ca - zinc, Ba - zinc and organic tin. In Europe, the thermal stability of the traditional system is Ba, Cd, Pb, environmental protection regulations under the pressure, material factory began to try a new thermal stability of system, such as Ca - zinc system, etc. 1.3 impact modifier factory and other scientific research and production bases. 1.6 the packing In recent years, with the continuous development of packing preparation technology of ultrafine inorganic packing plastic rigidity and toughness can be improved by this characteristic is more and more be taken seriously. Improve filled PVC -u toughness another effective method is treated with coupling agent filler.


Industry commonly used chemical structure can be divided into the silane coupling agent as, titanate and aluminate ester, zirconium, such as several major categories. 1.7 coloring PVC Window Machine with colorants, in addition to should have the basic performance (color, tinting strength, hiding power, light fastness and weather resistance), the stability of the extrusion processing conditions should also be considered.


Abnormal high speed extrusion has become the current development trend, the temperature of the high speed extrusion material rise, to the original part of the temperature of the soluble organic colorant can completely dissolved, leading to paint a color change. PVC, for example, the temperature rise, can make the color from red to orange, or from orange to yellow. PVC -u Windows and doors profiles with white the best weather resistance and aging resistance.


In the common white pigment, the refractive index of a titanium dioxide is the largest, tinting strength strongest and most widely used. Rutile type titanium dioxide density is higher, the refractive index is larger, both the function of shielding ultraviolet, good dyeing force, not only can effectively improve the weatherability of PVC -u Windows and doors profiles and heat resistance; Sharp titanium type titanium dioxide tinting strength is small, poor weatherability, application is restricted. Practice shows that the best particle size titanium dioxide tinting strength range of 0.25 to 0.25 microns.

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