Aluminum alloy doors and Windows make the home more tasteful

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Contemporary household is decorated, more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection and taste, shape under the promotion of window of aluminium alloy door, enterprises in the production of high quality Auminium indow machine, more and more people begin to use this household doors and Windows, aluminum alloy material to do the bof it where, we can induce the following several aspects: 


Light weight, high strength. The density of aluminum is only 1/3 of the steel, and is due to the thin wall, hollow extrusion profiles, thus the quality of the aluminum profile per m2 cost is only 8 kg ~ 12 kg (per m2 steel doors and Windows of steel consumption for 17 kg to 20 kg), and the intensity is close to ordinary low carbon steel, can reach more than 30 mpa. The strength of the aluminum alloy doors and Windows usually use casement central maximum displacement less than 1/70 of the inside window frame along the height can withstand wind pressure rating said. Experiment was conducted in pressure on the window in the compressed air pressure, such as class A door window (performance) of the aluminium alloy window wind pressure strength value is 300 pa pa ~ 3500. 


Sealed performance is good. Doors and Windows sealed performance is good or bad is very important, it directly affects the use of door window function and energy consumption. Aluminum alloy doors and Windows sealed performance is much better than steel, wooden doors and Windows, mainly because of its machining precision is high, the assembly is very tight, and adopted the layering and excellent performance of rubber seal joint sealing material, combined with the construction acceptance specifications, for its very strict and specific technical regulations, so it is airtight performance is very good. 


Heat insulation performance. Thermal insulation properties of aluminum alloy doors and Windows often according to heat transfer resistance body (m2, K/W) three levels, namely grade I acuity 0. 50; Class II or higher 0. 33; Щ acuity level 0. 25. Insulation performance, also known as performance, steel window, whether real stomach or on an empty stomach is not heat insulation performance requirements. 


More articles about aluminium alloy window machinery will be updated in the blog, hope this article can help you!

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