Aluminum doors and Windows machinery of material selection

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A good aluminum doors and Windows products from the design, installation, select hardware accessories to measure. Below to introduce the Aluminum window machine material selection: 


Aluminum Windows and doors profiles must conform to the requirements of the standard profile. Doors and Windows quality was in large part determined by the choice of hardware fittings and configuration. Therefore, good aluminum doors and Windows hardware accessories to a large extent determine the direction of consumer spending. Even if is the window of excellent performance, also must rely on high quality accessories selection and configuration to ensure that. 


Sliding door window pulley, tops, anti-shedding seal, the sealing piece is ensure the quality of the sliding door window of the more important parts. Roller is the key to whether the Windows and doors opening and closing smoothly, nylon wheel rolling bearings should be used. Anti-shedding sealer sash is to prevent the loss of security at the same time both hook mills and slide between the sealing function, you should use good durability ABS plastic and epdm. Sealing piece is play a tick mills and glide path between the sealing function, which can effectively prevent the wave load under the action of water splashing, the phenomena of epdm rubber should be used. Wool top of window frame and window sash is seal, determine the merits of the doors and Windows air tightness, ordinary chemical fiber wool top meet water sealing function will crimp and lose, must use range. 


Flat open doors and Windows hinge (or hold window friction hinge), holding hands, box fan between the sealing strip is the most important to guarantee the quality of flat open doors and Windows accessories. Hinges or sliding friction hinge brace the window of the bearing capacity is related to the security and the key to whether smooth opening and closing doors, Windows, carrying capacity is stronger than the friction hinge hinge, hinge frame can be made larger so casement, friction hinge is only applicable to frame a smaller window or on the window. Hand relates to the Windows security and sealing performance of the important parts, ordinary hand only applicable to frame and load are used on smaller casement, Europe type multipoint hand can be used for a wide in the frame and load on the casement of use; Box between the sealing strip is flat open doors and Windows, air tightness and water tightness of the native PVC glue sealing effectiveness for about 5 years or so, regeneration of the effectiveness of the PVC strip does not have the seal, the ideal is to use the good weatherability such as epdm rubber. 


Type, specification and performance of hardware fittings shall be in conformity with the relevant provisions of the current national standard. Hidden frame window using structural adhesive and weather resistance glue before use compatibility test should be done with profiles and glass. More articles about window machinery will be updated in the blog, hope this article can help you!

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