The type of the doors and Windows

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According to different materials, the window can be divided into wooden window, steel window, Aluminum window machine, glass steel window and plastic window, etc. 


1) wood. Wood is a form of common window. It has light weight, making the advantages of simple, convenient maintenance, good sealing, but the wood will be due to climate change and swell-shrink, sometimes inconvenient switch, and takes the wood; At the same time, the wood is easy to be eat by moth, easy to corrupt, steel window than durability. 


2) steel window. Fasting and solid web steel window points two kinds. The characteristics of steel window the same as the steel door, compared with wooden window, steel window durable, fire resistant to moisture, small cross section. Steel window light transmittance is bigger, about 160% of the wood, but the cost is higher than wood. 


3) aluminium alloy window of aluminium alloy window besides with the advantages of steel window, there is good in sealing, not easy to rust and corrosion resistant, do not need to brush paint, beautiful beautiful, adornment sex is good wait for an advantage, but the cost is higher, generally used in the construction of high standard. 


4) steel window glass steel window is qualitative light, high strength, excellent resistance to corrosion, but more complex production process, the cost is higher, at present is mainly used for occasions with high corrosion resistance. 


5) plastic plastic window color is more, like aluminum, is a new type of door window material. Because it is beautiful and durable, good sealing, is gradually widely used.

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